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Thanks for stopping in!!! I am so excited to have a blog and website to share life with you all. Here is a little more about me personally... I am a wife to the handsome Sean Havens, who happens to be totally my "dream guy" and we have been married 12 years. Together, we have made four beautiful babes who we cherish every second of every day (well almost every second). We own two Las Vegas local based businesses, including a Life/Health Insurance Agency called The Benefit Haven, and a tshirt company called Set Free Clothing. Life is busy, but it has always been on my mind to start a blog with fashion, beauty and Mom tips. I love people and being around others is when I am the happiest. However, with two businesses and four kids it isn't always easy to make time to socialize. 

After years of thought I realized a blog would be a great solution to connect with others and also share some hair, makeup and fashion tips. After 15 in the beauty industry as a hair stylist and makeup artist, I learned so much and loved it. But after 4 kids it seemed impossible to continue my schedule at the salon. I am so blessed that our tshirt company allows me to do all the design work from a laptop while I'm out there Mommin. Thanks to my husband and his support we finally decided to make my blog happen. And I can tell you it is even more fun and amazing than I even imagined. Interacting with other Moms, friends and even complete strangers fills my heart up in a way most people don't understand. I absolutely love it! This blog is just a little way  I can share my tutorials, links, sales, and family life with you. When you shop from my page it also provides me a small commision for promoting. I thank you all in advance for your support, love and feedback. Please feel free to follow along and ask questions anytime. Thanks for checkin out Monika's Page be sure to subscribe to stay in touch.                XOXO~ Monika

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